Main subject

The main subject of the workshop is:

Future of food safety and security

Possible fields in keywords:

Soil as the main crop site media
            Multipurpose biomass production, protection

Cultivation and production issues
            Fertility, productivity, plant protection, breeding, gene technology

Food production and supply problems
            Food processing, production, supply chains

Food safety and alimentation
            Human nutrition, food additives, pollution, shelf  life

Climate change and water resources
            Extreme climate, drought, flood, adaptation, mitigation, water resources

Environmental issues of the production and technologies
            Protection, conservation, remote sensing and related technologies

Animal husbandry and feed production
            Production, animal welfare, grassland management, feed stock, regulations

Energy cropping pros and cons
            Alternative/renewable energy sources, effectiveness

Management and development issues
            Policies, economic aspects, agribusiness, rural development, food banks, non-food sectors

Future of the World Health with special focus on food security
            Shortage, potable water, nutrition, health care

All scientific activities, and their results related to the topics are welcome for presentation and discussion.